IFBB South Pacific and Oceania

Athlete information for the South Pacific/Oceania Championships & Pro Qualifier.

The week after the 2017 Nationals, we will host the IFBB South Pacific/Oceania Championships in Sydney. Countries from around the South Pacific/Oceania are invited to send athletes to compete in this prestigious event.

Our winners from each of the open classes of the Nationals will be invited to compete in this competition in order to win an IFBB Pro Card or an IFBB Elite Card. Please see info on the Elite Cards and competitions.

There will be all other divisions in the South Pacific Championships in the event you do not qualify for the Pro Card competition.

Our special guest poser at the South Pacific Championships will be the current greatest Body Builder in the world, Mr Olympia Phil Heath!!

IFBB Vice President South Pacific Oceania Paul Graham is committed to the development of our sport and the IFBB in the region. Paul has donated gym equipment to Tonga and the Cook Islands to help the athletes in their endeavours to be the best and to get to the world stage. Aided by some dedicated officials such as Mark Stewart, Joe Daniel, Talai Nau and Masa Ondera, Andre Barrows, Ross Graham and Carole Graham, Paul continues to create an environment for the South Pacific Islands working together for the best possible outcome for the athletes.
In the photos below, Paul is shown loading the gym equipment into the containers, with IFBB President Rafael Santonja and Talai Nau in Spain at the IFBB World Congress and Championships


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