Muscle & Fitness Australia has been owned and run by Paul & Carole Graham since the 1970s. Both Paul and Carole are on the Executive Council of the IFBB, the largest Bodybuilding organization in the world and one of the largest of all sports federations in the world.
The aim of our website is to give you information, news and dates to keep you informed of what is happening! Contained on this site is information on Bodybuilding contests and rules for the various divisions, the Muscle & Fitness Refurbished Gym Equipment page, background information on Paul and Carole Graham and links to other websites of interest.


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  • When you talk about experience in the world of fitness and bodybuilding they do not come any more qualified than Paul and Carole Graham. Paul and Carole Graham created the name 'Muscle and Fitness' back in 1978. It came about as a name for a magazine they were creating to promote and publicise Bodybuilding and Fitness. At the time there was a misconception that people with muscles weren't fit.
  • Paul set out to prove this wrong by competing in a competition against other athletes including a ballet dancer and a pro footballer in a series of sports institute tests and the results actually proved that Paul was the fittest - big muscles and all! Carole proved that women could train with weights and still look feminine with a athletic fit body and that training with weights was essential for good health in women of all ages.
  • Today more than 30 years later they are still directors and owners of the name and company and are happy to see that people do realise that muscles and fitness do go together. The experience they have gained over the years has translated into many successful ventures and their expertise is sought the world over in conducting various shows and contests.
  • As Australia's IFBB representatives they are very prominent in promoting the sport in Australia both through the organisation of State and National events and by utilising their high profiles to gain exposure for the sport in the media.
  • Through their various gyms over the years they have not only passed their expertise to their clients but have had experience in providing fitness routines for many of Australia‚Äôs successful teams amongst whom was the World cup Wallabies, State of Origin Rugby League teams and many, many more.
  • Their expertise is also widely sought by high profile media and show business people who have a need to always look their best.
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Arnold and Paul posing outside of the Sydney Opera House 1975
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Paul Graham shows his 20 1/2" arms. Photo taken at Coogee Beach in the 70's
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IFBB President Rafael Santonja looks on in amazement as his Vice President Paul Graham flexes his arm!
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Arnold and Paul posing outside of the Sydney Opera House 1975


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