Carole Graham

Achievements and titles

  • IFBB International Executive Council Member
  • Secretary of IFBB Australia
  • Secretary of the Technical Committee
  • Member of the IFBB Disciplinary Committee
  • International and Professional Judge
  • In 1979 after watching men training and seeing that they could train to add on muscle size to change their look, Carole began to train with weights. Her lean body soon began to take shape and she realised that weight training could reshape the body for women. And that a small amount of muscle gain or tightening could create a body that would provide self confidence and perhaps change lives.
  • And so began women's weight training in Australia. With great results, Carole became a 3 time National Champion, a finalist in the first World Games and many other titles.
  • The media was very interested in what Carole was 'preaching', that weight training and good nutrition was the way for women (and men!) to lose weight, gain shapely muscle and be healthy. Together with Paul, Carole soon became a regular in the media on many of the daytime TV talk shows such as The Mike Walsh Show, Bernard King Show. Carole continued to train throughout her pregnancy and showed exercises on TV for women to do so as to be fit and healthy whilst pregnant. Main stream magazines and newspapers featured her weight training and nutrition programmes.
  • Carole has worked as a commentator on Channel 9's Wide World of Sport, SBS and NBC.
  • After 'hanging up her bikini' and retiring from competing, Carole then began promoting Bodybuilding and Fitness events with her husband Paul. Among the many events they have promoted there has been the Men's World Championships (together with a World Expo), 2 x Women's World Championships, the Pro Mr Olympia (Arnold Schwarzenegger's last competition) and Pro Mr Universe, the first World Aerobics Championships, Amateur Olympia and many, many other National and international events.
  • Amongst the many guest stars they have brought to Australia are some of the biggest names in our sport (and the world!)- Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lou 'the Hulk 'Ferrigno, 8 x Mr Olympia Lee Haney, Ronnie Colemen, other Mr Olympia's including Jay Cutler, Phil Heath, Franco Columbo, Larry Scott, Frank Zane, Dorian Yates plus Dave Draper, the first Ms Olympia Rachael McLish, Ms Olympia Cory Everson and Ms Olympia Carla Dunlap.

  • Carole's first love is her family and she combines her love of our sport into the healthy lifestyle that she and her family live and love. After over 30 years of weight training and good nutrition, Carole continues to love being a contest promoter and a promoter of living the life she preaches about.
  • Carole conceived the idea of doing free workshops to encourage more competitors and assist in their enjoyment of competing and these workshops are very well received. But she also continues to do everything she can to promote the sport as a lifestyle for all people.
  • Carole has been an Executive Council member for the IFBB for many years, a Ms Olympia Pro Judge, World Championships International Judge and Arnold Classic Pro and Amateur Judge.


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    0410 403 530
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