When are IFBB Shows held?

IFBB events are usually held in March, July and October of each year.

What dates are the shows? Why can't I see a date on the website?

Dates are not always fixed a year in advance, as our events work in with the international IFBB events, so that our Australian competitors get every chance to compete overseas. If you cannot see a date online, please keep checking our website or our IFBB Australia Facebook page for updates.

I am looking for photos from an event I competed in, how can I find them?

Please email us with the details of what show you competed in and your category. We can then send your details on to the relevant photographer or event promoter.

What is the right tan product to use?

Jan Tana is the only tan officially accredited by the IFBB internationally. It is the tan worn by all the top IFBB Professional athletes, including Ms Olympia Nicole Wilkins and Mr Olympia's Jay Cutler and Phil Heath. It is available for sale online or at any of our free workshops.

What are the rules for a category?

Please see the link to rules on our website. This should answer most of your questions, if not, please write to us.

I need some individual help from a trainer or coach, can you recommend one?

Firstly, we recommend attending a free workshop, where you can meet judges, officials and other members of the IFBB family. You are also welcome to email and let us know where you live and what category you are looking at competing in and we can put you in touch with someone that may suit you.

Why can't you give me an exact time that my category will be on stage?

There are a few reasons why: Firstly we can never know how long each category will take to properly judge, as we never ask the judges to rush through to be on a 'time schedule'. Secondly, we have entries open until the last day- so final numbers are often not known until late the night before the event. A running order is made available the day before via our IFBB Australia Facebook page.

How do I join the IFBB?

Please join via our online form. Membership is now valid from 1 July - 30 June each year.

How can I get help competing for the first time or just meet up with others before a show?

We host free IFBB workshops, generally each month in Sydney and Melbourne. These workshops are hosted by IFBB judges or officials and are officially endorsed by the IFBB. Please check our IFBB Australia Facebook page for updates on these free workshops. From time to time you may see other 'non official' workshops, being hosted by athletes. While these may be helpful, they are not hosted by internationally recognised IFBB judges or officials and we cannot guarantee the accuracy of what you are being taught.

How can I keep up to date with what is going on with IFBB Australia?

Please sign up for our free newsletter via our website or follow us on Facebook- IFBB Australia.

How do I get some feedback from my last show?

Please email us with your category and some photos, preferably of you individually and in a group comparison shot. We can then check who judged your category and forward your details on to a judge to provide feedback. Please keep in mind IFBB judges often have jobs and families, so it may take a week or two to get back to you.

I sent an email to IFBB Australia a few days ago but I have not heard back yet - why?

Please be patient and keep in mind that we receive hundreds of emails each week and like to take time to respond to each one individually. Sometimes we are waiting on information from a venue, sponsor, judge or official before we respond to you. Also, if you don't write a subject in the subject line of your email, your email may be classified as spam and not delivered.

I competed in another non recognised federation in the novice category and now I want to compete IFBB. Can I still compete novice or do I have to go in Open?

As we do not recognise results from any other federation, you can compete novice if you have never won an IFBB show.


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